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Telephone Prospecting Training

Become much more effective on the phone. 

This workshop is designed for those sales professionals who:

  • Struggle to get past gatekeepers
  • Are irritated because they keep getting stuck in voice mail
  • Call too low and speak to people in their comfort zone instead of people they need to speak to
  • Push for sale over the phone and fail to secure an appointment
  • Fall into trap of answering prospect's questions
  • Fail to set expectations for meeting that get secured
  • Get into battle of handling objections and stalls over the phone
  • Get rejected because they talk about money too early in the call

The attendees of Sandler Telephone Prospecting Training will:

  • Learn no pressure prospecting call technique

  • Discover how to get past gatekeepers

  • Understand how to overcome stalls and objections

  • Develop a customised approach geared to their business

  • Learn when and how to leave a voicemail

  • Master how to deal directly with the causes of call reluctance

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